Sunday, August 28, 2011

Digital Art

Sometimes I think that I am a trying person, I try everything  I can, every Technic.
Also, not because of my critical opinion about the digital art, which establishes that I wouldn't ever give money for buying digital art, and I would never give the same value to a digital masterpiece than a physic well-done artwork. It does not mean that I will close my mind and despise a chance to try my self on digital art.

I got to say that, however there are some great artists around the web that kick away and form little balls with my opinion , and make me make up my mind about digital art. Artists whom I will speak later.

The main point here is that I bought a little graphics tablet a few days ago. Why?, why buying such a thing if you don't appreciate digital art? , well the truth is that I have not enough arguments for statementing my opinion. Also I am open to change, what if it's fun?, what if is useful for me? maybe I could get a surprise.

Now I will feature some artists, that have awaken my interest in digital art , and I think I would PAY for a masterpiece like theirs. (what a contradiction).

1. Priest - hgjart

2. Densha-Strange travel - sylphielmetallium

3. Android - laphet

 Rancour- dark134

I recomend everyone, to se their artworks
they're wonderful.
Anyway, thanks for reading,
I will deal with digital myself.

All bad opinions about digital art expressed here, are MINE and not necessarily a fact.

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  1. Lovely feature on digital art. I can see where you may not value it the same as traditional media. For me, I appreciate digital art and traditional media about the same. With digital art, you just have different issues and techniques that have to deal with. Plus, you have to get fairly skilled at manipulating/using the programs to create a piece. I feel like that is similar to learning how to use and manipulate a traditional media. That's just my opinion though. ^^

    It's cool that you've decided to try it out, despite your opinion. I hope you have fun with your tablet!